Sunday, September 30, 2012

Good Things Make Good Things

For the second time this week, I've been lucky enough to see Brendan James perform live. When I saw him on Thursday at the living room show, I asked him (apparently more desperately than I meant to) to play 'Take the Fall' at his show on Saturday 1. because it's my favorite song by him and has been since about 2007 and 2. because I think it's one of his most honest songs. Well, during the show, he gave a shout to me as that guy that really wanted to hear 'Take the Fall'.  Yes, I felt like a groupie, but it was amazing that he actually took the time to fit that song into his set-list. Apparently, he's just that kind of thoughtful person. And for the record, his performance of it was amazing. But when I got home last night, I sat up 'til about 4:30 writing a new song called 'Sinking' and have totally fallen in love with it. Finally decided to go to sleep, but before doing so, I listened to the demo recording I made of my new song and I wasn't sure how it had all gotten there. It was as if the time spent writing it was blank for me and the only thing that matter was the product on the other side. That's happened to me only once before when writing a song and it's a fantastically confusing experience. I'm really proud of this one and I think it marks a big change in the type of songwriting I'm capable of. Seeing Brendan play and meeting so many cool people lately, I guess good things make good things. We'll see, though. I'm never quite sure until the song sneaks onto a stage and evokes some type of reaction, but, fingers crossed, this one's different.


-- Also, here's the video of Brendan playing 'Take the Fall' last night. Awesome.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Music Has To Matter

Yesterday, I had the privilege of sitting in a living room where Brendan James played for an hour to a group of thirty of us. There's nothing as humbling as watching someone that talented, who you admire that much put on a show. He truly is an amazing musician and individual. The music matters to him. That's so key to putting out an honest product. The music has to matter.  What I learned last night is that I have so much to learn and so much to look forward to. The people I've met and the shows I've seen, it's just one wonderful lesson at a time. Keep your eyes up and your mind open. It's only way to see the world right.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Learning How To Linger

You know when you have realizations that just shake your whole foundation, forcing into question your approach to your entire existence? Well, mine maybe wasn't that inspired, but recently, I started to question my approach to writing. Until now, everything I've written has been wordy and complicated and that was purposeful. I figured the more words I squeeze into a stanza, the more interesting it was. Although, while sometimes that works, sometimes you just got to slow down and learn how to linger. Lingering works beyond music too. If you can push yourself to settle and step away from the busy-ness of everything, you might just enjoy the ease. You might notice what's in front of you and actually be part of it for once. That's what I'm trying to do with music these days, learning how not to rush, so I can be part of it. With that said, I wrote this song last week called 'Break Down' and it was my attempt at slowing my own pulse, bringing the emotion to a simmer (at least for part of the time). I hope you like it.


To hear the song click here ---> 'Break Down' (demo)

Monday, September 24, 2012

"Hold on to those little things..." - DMB

One of my best friends made me this box as a graduation gift. She wood-burned the design and created something beautiful from something simple.  It's really amazing.  She also burned a quote into the front, a Dave Matthews quote. (Does she know me or does she know me!) The end of the quote is "Hold onto your memories/Hold on to those little things..."  Well, this box currently contains every bit of merchandize I have to support my music.  Some stickers. And hell ya, some stickers! While most musicians carry around their merch in suitcases and flight bags and shit, I've got this gorgeous little box. And it means more to me than any Samsonite merch case that I could buy at the mall.  This box and those stickers represent the beginning of whatever journey I've decided to embark upon.  That's something. These little things are my things. (But they can be yours if you come to a show!)

...but you can't have the box.



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time To Get Serious

Hey there!

Been a while since I've updated this, but it's time to get serious. Lately, I've been keeping pretty busy playing shows and recording for my EP that will be out in December.  It's pretty amazing feeling like for once in my life I'm taking seriously the only thing that's ever stayed consistent. Music. I've been in and out of relationships and jobs and cars and living situations, but music persists. It always has. So I guess that means something right? Whether it's my own or someone else's, I want music to be the driving force of the rest of my life.  Writing it, producing videos for it, performing it, finding it, seeking it. It's so encompassing and its scope is so broad among people.  Music is a true connector.  So, here's my promise to the ever-vast abyss of the internet (basically whoever's reading this... aka... me and me in any accent I can butcher), but I promise to update this page with pictures and videos and interesting things that will help me organize the clutter of my own insanity.  Cheers, world!

Ps - Here's the music video that I shot and edited for my song 'Resolution'