Monday, September 24, 2012

"Hold on to those little things..." - DMB

One of my best friends made me this box as a graduation gift. She wood-burned the design and created something beautiful from something simple.  It's really amazing.  She also burned a quote into the front, a Dave Matthews quote. (Does she know me or does she know me!) The end of the quote is "Hold onto your memories/Hold on to those little things..."  Well, this box currently contains every bit of merchandize I have to support my music.  Some stickers. And hell ya, some stickers! While most musicians carry around their merch in suitcases and flight bags and shit, I've got this gorgeous little box. And it means more to me than any Samsonite merch case that I could buy at the mall.  This box and those stickers represent the beginning of whatever journey I've decided to embark upon.  That's something. These little things are my things. (But they can be yours if you come to a show!)

...but you can't have the box.



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