Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time To Get Serious

Hey there!

Been a while since I've updated this, but it's time to get serious. Lately, I've been keeping pretty busy playing shows and recording for my EP that will be out in December.  It's pretty amazing feeling like for once in my life I'm taking seriously the only thing that's ever stayed consistent. Music. I've been in and out of relationships and jobs and cars and living situations, but music persists. It always has. So I guess that means something right? Whether it's my own or someone else's, I want music to be the driving force of the rest of my life.  Writing it, producing videos for it, performing it, finding it, seeking it. It's so encompassing and its scope is so broad among people.  Music is a true connector.  So, here's my promise to the ever-vast abyss of the internet (basically whoever's reading this... aka... me and me in any accent I can butcher), but I promise to update this page with pictures and videos and interesting things that will help me organize the clutter of my own insanity.  Cheers, world!

Ps - Here's the music video that I shot and edited for my song 'Resolution'

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